Current people

NameOffice locationCurrently funded byPhone number ++49 (0)30 838-Link or Email
Head of group    
Prof. Matthias C. RilligE.34FU53165Home
Postdoctoral staff and fellows    
Dr. Stefan HempelE.11FU53172Home


Dr. Anika LehmannE.10FU53145Email
Dr. Tessa CamenzindE.10DFG (Eigene Stelle, temporary PI position)53145Home
Dr. Stefanie MaaßK.30BMBF-BIBS (in Potsdam)53102Email
Dr. Julien RoyE.08BMBF-INPLAMINT53144Email
Dr. Daniel LammelE.09DFG (Eigene Stelle, temporary PI position)53146Email
Dr. Eva Leifheit1.10DFG (Eigene Stelle, temporary PI position)67286 Email
Dr. Milica Lakovic1.17ERC-AdG53143Email
Dr. India MansourE.09FU53146Email
Dr. Erqin LiE.09ERC-AdG53146 Email
Dr. Shin Woong KimE.08Korean Government; EU-PAPILLONS53144Email
Dr. Baile Xu1.17CSC-DAAD and Rising Star53143Email
Dr. Rosolino Ingraffia1.09BMBF µPlastic53159Email
Dr. Eduardo Moreno-Jiménez1.07Humboldt Fellow53155Email
Dr. Bo TangRising Star Program
Doctoral students    
Juan F. Duenas SerranoE.11DFG53172Email
Liliana Pinek1.17ERC-AdG/ DFG-CRC97353143Email
Polina Golubeva (on leave at BASF)1.17E.-Neumann Scholarship, FU53143Email
Leonie Grünfeld1.17DFG53146Email
James Whitehead1.17FU/BIBS53143Email
Jeane dela CruzE.09DAAD53146Email
Milos Bielcik1.17DFG-BioMove53143Email
Aleksandra KrsmanovicE.09DFG-CRC97353146Email
Gulshat Abdullayeva1.17DAAD53143Email
Tingting ZhaoK.30China Scholarship Council53102Email
Yaqi Xu1.17China Scholarship Council 53143Email
Hongyu Chen1.17China Scholarship Council 53143Email
Peter Meidl1.17DFG-CRC973 53143Email
Mohan Bi1.17China Scholarship Council 53143
Huiying Li 1.17China Scholarship Council 53143
Yanjie Zhu1.17China Scholarship Council 53143
Saule ZiogelyteDFG-BioMove
Master’s students    
Maxi Bergmann
Catharina Neumann
Technicians and secretary    
Sabine BuchertE.12FU55010Email
Gabriele ErzigkeitE.12FU55010Email
Anja WulfE.12FU55010Email
Sabrina Doil1.06FU63599Email
Other researchers    
PD Dr. Manfred ForstreuterK.33 53164Email
Frequent lab visitors    
Prof. Janis AntonovicsVirginia  Email
Prof. Ian AndersonSydney  Email
Prof. Johannes LehmannCornell  Email