RilligLab has been hosting several artists or has been interacting with artists over the years. We find this to be very enriching for our lab. Our lab also interacts with the Art Laboratory Berlin. Some of the things we learned about hosting artists we wrote down in a paper (together with the artists).

If you are interested in being an artist-in-residence in our group, or in interacting with our group in other ways, please contact Matthias Rillig.

Previous interactions with artists:

  • Karine Bonneval (France); residency 2016/ 2017, also see this report in Nature
  • Saša Spačal (Slovenia); short-term residency 2019; residence in 2022 supported by the FU BCP artistic residency program
  • Bo Zheng (China); visits, common projects, via Gropius Bau Berlin
  • Sybille Neumeyer (Germany); online residency 2020/21
  • Marcus Maeder (Switzerland); artistic/scientific residency 2022, supported by FU BCP artistic residency program