BSc/ MSc projects

Last update on February 12, 2022

If you are interested in BSc and MSc projects, please contact Matthias Rillig. We can typically offer projects on the biology and ecology of soil fungi, and on global change, and we can usually accommodate a relatively large number of projects and students. If you already know lab members who could mentor you, for example from courses, please contact them directly.

When you email, please include the following information:

  • what are your interests in certain topics (fungi, plants, soil, and/ or specific aspects of global change, such as microplastic, climate change, etc.)? do you prefer to work with experiments, or with data synthesis?
  • when would you wish to start?
  • what is your background (e.g. which courses have you taken, what grade did you earn in the Basismodul Ökologie; for MSc, what is your previous research experience)?
  • are you ok with English-spoken immediate supervision, or do you require German speakers?

What happens next? Matthias will advertise your interest within the lab; if there are capacities available, people will directly contact you and set up a first appointment.